This film is real. There are no actors. Eight UFO abductees gather for the first time at a private home to share their horrifying experiences of alien abduction. Some have come to grips with their ordeal. Others have not. One them is Al, who thinks the Mother Ship is coming back for him.

"UFO Encounter Groups" are where fellow abductees meet and share their experiences, helping each other cope with their abductions. Since 1954, these meetings have been taking place all across the country. UFO Encounter Groups are rarely filmed or documented because abductees are very private people who feel ostracized and don’t want to be photographed. To the average outsider whose never been “taken”, many questions arise: “What actually happened to these people?” and “Will they ever be the same?” Director Jay Jennings’ eye-opening short film gives you a glimpse into their shattered lives.


John O'Hara, moderator - 38, studied for the priesthood, abducted on February 3, 1990, 8am, while back-packing through Switzerland. That's when he lost his faith and quit the ministry. After his abduction he was angry and withdrawn. Basically used the experience to better himself and become a more open-minded person. For the most part, he's more calm and collected than the average abductee, even though he occasionally hears 'alien' messages in his head. Used to eat meat, now a vegetarian. Used to be an insomniac, now gets 8 hours of sleep.

Miles Kincaid - 28, abducted on June 17, 1999, 5pm, while hiking alone in the mountains of Yosemite, CA. He endured painful experiments that he's still not recovered from. His parents believe him, but his friends think he's on drugs or crazy. Current emotional state: Angst, afraid to be alone, prefers crowds. Has good nights and bad nights.
Carrie Henderson - 32, abducted on March 23, 1977, at age 5, sometime in the late evening, from her New Haven, Connecticut bedroom. She was abducted again on December 30, 1980, at age 8, sometime in the late evening, from the same bedroom. She was probed everywhere and since then has suffered from extreme paranoia and emotional instability. She once tried to burn the family house down. You never know what she's thinking. She can be child-like at times. Current emotional state: Loneliness, depression, paranoia, no self-esteem, withdrawn, suicidal. She barely gets any sleep. 
William Draper - 34, abducted on August 14, 2003, 5:30 am, while on vacation on a beach in Lima, Peru. Scared, nervous, trying to slowly work it out. Claims the aliens hooked him up to a machine that tapped into his darkest fears and saddest memories, which he was forced to re-live, over and over again. He can't hold a job because he never knows when he'll “freak-out“. Current emotional state: Lack of self-esteem, complete unhappiness since the abduction. Eats less than before. Has to take sleeping pills to get to sleep. 
Al Potter - 33, abducted on October 31, 1997, 9pm, while hitchhiking from Mexico to Las Vegas, Nevada. He was implanted in his hand and has been a nervous wreck ever since. He's mostly numb to it all, and admittedly is not the same man he once was. Current emotional state: Depression, anger, paranoia, no self-esteem, suicidal, on the verge of a mental breakdown. An insomniac who eats like a bird. Has to smoke pot just to get hungry.
Sherry Bradford - 25, abducted on July 8, 1994, 4:30 am, at age 16, while at summer camp in Ottawa, Canada. She was probed and later “freaked-out“. She has frequent nightmares, but has her boyfriend's support. Current emotional state: Anxiety-ridden, fearfulness, lack of self-esteem, withdrawn, untrusting, doesn't like human contact. An insomniac who barely eats. She's had no appetite since the abduction.
Gerald Sloane - 37, abducted on November 9, 2001, 10pm, while working as a courier-driver on his way from Los Angeles to Phoenix, Arizona. He was implanted in his neck and can still feel the pain of the incisions. He's gaining weight and losing friends in the process, but he still respects John and his advice. Current emotional state: Depression, anger, a sense of loss. Sleeps about 12 hours a day, eats much more than before.
Gil Vincent - 36, abducted three times. First, on May 11, 1978, 11pm, at age 10, from his Portland, Oregon home. The second time on January 6, 1988, 7am, at age 20, while on a fishing trip in Charlotte, North Carolina. The third time on September 25, 1998, 10pm, at age 30, during a humanitarian expedition in Africa. After years of therapy, his wife and son left him. Current emotional state: Anger, guilt and depression. Extremely knowledgeable when compared to the other abductees. Strangely enough, he sleeps like a baby. His main problem is “waking up“. 


JAY JENNINGS - Director/Cinematographer
MARIA ALONZO - Unit Production Manager
GARRETT BRADLEY - Boom/Sound Mixer